Case Histories



Expanding the “Yes with rise, but lactose-free” offer. 

“Riso Scotti” after launching the “Sì con riso, ma senza lattosio” line (Yes with rise, but lactose-free) decided to expand their offer with our ice creams.

The customer asked EDO to develop a special recipe from the basis “Yes with rice” drink.


Searching for the best balanced formula. 

EDO after an important R&D work, with several laboratory tests that could guarantee a creaminess and taste at the level of a traditional ice cream,

formulated the final recipe by finding the right balance between the new ingredients. Subsequently, samples were made and evaluated by a tasting team selected by Riso Scotti, receiving extremely positive feedback.


The idea has become reality!

In 2021, EDO has created the ice cream line for Riso Scotti “Yes with rise, but lactose-free” in the gluten-free cone and extruded mini stick format, offering an excellent vanilla ice cream completely free from milk and dairy products.

The achievement of EDO’s research was the successful passing of all the scrupulous controls of the ELLEFREE institute, which guarantees quality, safety and reliability and correct information to the end consumer.