We were born and grew up during the “Italian economic miracle” where a simple and clear vision of what has to be done, for one’s own honour, for the respect of people and for the environment, allowed EDO to expand itself day by day.

THE famiLY

Today, EDO is still the Brevi family, in its fourth generation, with an all-female board, continuing to produce delicious ice lollies and ice creams according to the recipe of the grandparents Edoardo and Adele.

Following the tradition, we have succeeded in the industrialisation of a 4.0 process on an artisanal basis, consisting of more than 150 references in 30 formats with a high specialisation on the stick variations.


The secret lies in the management of our own recipes, which allows us to deal flexibly with all kinds of projects: vegan, milk-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, organic Bio, frozen yoghurt and fruit sorbets.

EDO pays special attention to innovation, sustainability and special diets, where the removal of ingredients does not affect the balance of the recipe, the pleasantness of the taste or the quality of the final product.



EDO has planned a part of its electricity supply to come from the self-generation,

with a 400 kWp photovoltaic system installed on the roof (which supplies 20 per cent of the company’s needs). The photovoltaic used panels are 98% recyclable. Since many years, EDO Spa has converted all incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, replacing them with high-energy-efficient LED bulbs.

The refrigeration of the production systems is based on cryogenic fluids with a ZERO GWP (global warming potential), which means a low environmental impact that does not affect the ozone hole.





EDO Spa has a very high awareness of waste recycling issue, in order to achieve an increasingly efficient circular energy economy by managing separate waste collection wherever possible.

For this reason, it was decided to invest in a virtuous management of wastewater from ice cream processing, from the general washing, from the cleaning of the equipment and from the cleaning of the technical rooms.

The used water is conveyed to our modern and efficient water purification unit* (complying with 4.0 Industry criteria) to receive purification treatment before being discharged into the public sewage system in compliance with European standards, as the parameters set out in the Legislative Decree 152 of 2006.

* – Our system consists of: fine screening, equaliser, floatation, MBBR (biological activated sludge treatment) SBR compartment (suspended biomass activated sludge reactor).